See The Great Exhibition of The Transport of the Future - The “Pony 3000”!

Fred Fettler; the famous inventor from The Year 3000, assisted by his clockwork M.C.; Mr. Otto Maton demonstrate his latest and greatest invention: The “Pony 3000”.


Take a “ride” on the back of Fred’s fabulous machine and imagine a world with no oil & no cars, where the currency is based on poultry and blankets are the environmental controls!


A very silly and visually spectacular tongue in cheek show!


“Excellent.....You put the Carnival in “My Last CARnival”....Magical”

Alison Clough - Pioneer Projects (Organisers of “My Last CARnival” day)


“You made my day!”

Audience Member




Technical Specifications/Requirements:


2 Performers

Performance area width 2m x 4m

Flat level ground

Sheltered Area Preferable

Suitable for indoor or outdoor locations


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